New filter coffee - Nicaragua

Simon Buckingham -
New filter coffee - Nicaragua

This month’s filter coffee is from the coffee capital of Nicaragua, Jinotega.

The Finca El Tesoro farm is perched in the Nicaraguan highlands in the north of the country. Jinotega is generally known as The City Of Mists, for the wisps of cloud lounging atop the mountainous valley.

The farmer, Sixto Gonzalez Barrera found the farm in this poetic region and, strangely, came to farming relatively late in life being in his 40’s. He found the estate to have 5 natural springs, “It was crazy to me that no one had seen the potential in the land the same way I saw it,” he says. “There’s gold coming out of the ground.”, hence the translation of Finca El Tesoro being ‘Treasure Farm’.

This coffee is processed using the fresh spring water from the estate, and as such has a clean, red-plum fruit flavour, with a milk-chocolate body and caramel or toffee sweetness. As always I’d recommend the coffee black to allow you to experience the balanced flavour in the cup.

If you’d like to try the new filter, please ask for a sample next time you’re in.