New filter coffee - El Salvador

Simon Buckingham -
New filter coffee - El Salvador

Single estate (meaning from one farm) filter coffee gives us a route to us to small producers where the money we pay goes a lot further in their local community, allowing them to invest in their infrastructure and to ask for more at market. And in return, we get a pretty unique coffee for you to try!

The current filter coffee is a Red Bourbon from El Salvador, it’s a “washed” coffee, which means it has a clean flavour, so think cherries and chocolate for this one.

It’s farmed by the Alvarez family on the Santa Ana volcano. Although they’ve been farming there for four generations a blight of leaf rust has hit the region and makes it very hard to produce a high quality bean. It’s a testament to their skills that they have produced such a great coffee in light of this blight and the reduction of viable land to farm due to global warming.

So much care and attention goes into producing this coffee, that has much more in common with wine than your regular cup of filter, that we suggest you don’t mix it with our lovely organic milk. If I’ve piqued your curiosity ask our baristas for some to try, they’re always super happy to share something they love.

I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!