Top Tips: Useful (and great looking!) coffee kit

Simon Buckingham -
Top Tips: Useful (and great looking!) coffee kit

These days our kitchen equipment is as much to show off the latest gadget or design as they are to help prepare food or drink. Coffee making equipment can be the same, with some really great looking pieces of kit, but how practical or useful are they?

This is my essential list for home brewing, in order of importance.

Home Grinder

Go for electric if you’re getting serious, manual if it’s a weekend affair. Having freshly ground coffee at home makes so much difference that I implore you to make the investment.

This is a great, affordable manual grinder

And if you’re going for something automatic try one of these as an entry-level.


The best way to control your variables. Digital scales are a must, preferably with 0.1g capability. You need something that will comfortably fit your brewing kit on there. Start with a brew ratio of 75g of coffee to 1lr water and tailor the weight to your taste and chosen coffee. I use these

Brew Method

Are you making for yourself? Why not try an Aeropress? They’re loads of fun and you can personalise your method. Looking to make it for a lot of people then fish out that cafetiere. Remember to measure the volume of your chosen method so you can work out how much coffee to work with.

Air-Tight Container

Keep your beans fresh in a cool, dry, dark place and they’ll retain their bundles of flavour.


Manufacturers are catching on to the home brewing market now and releasing temperature controlled kettles. The ideal brewing temperature is between 90 and 95 degrees centigrade, too hot and you’ll burn away your coffee’s natural sweetness.


I use the timer on my phone, but if you’re really geeking out, go for a nice old school analogue timer. You’re controlling variables now, obey the clock!
Photo courtesy of Ruby Tuesday.

Coffee Cup

Not strictly for the kitchen, but if you take your coffee on the go, why not get a reusable KeepCup?

Main image courtesy of The Roasters Pack.