Our flippin' good new pancakes

Laura Downing -
Our flippin' good new pancakes

What’s better than a pancake? Not much, except our new and utterly mega lemon and ricotta pancakes.

We have always been proud of our pancakes, but we strive to make things better, and in their case, to make them even fluffier and tastier than ever before – and we think we’ve cracked it.

This time around, unlike a traditional pancake which uses plain flour as its base, we’ve whisked our batter up using nutty tasting buckwheat flour (a gluten free superstar) and added soft, creamy ricotta to create the lightest and fluffiest pancake stack. There’s even a little pinch of lemon zest to add the perfect level of zing and the icing on the (pan)cake
is whipped maple butter for the ultimate luxury finish.

We think they simply rock so why not see for yourself

Choose your stack

Bacon & Maple Syrup
Go American country style with free range Applewood smoked bacon, maple syrup and heavenly maple butter.

Blueberry and Vanilla Yoghurt
Keep things sweet with blueberry compote, vanilla Greek yoghurt, maple syrup and maple butter.


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