7 Reasons why BTP is our GTP*!

Ben Hibbard -
7 Reasons why BTP is our GTP*!

A guest blog from one of our customer Jade, from Aldestrop Consulting who explains why we are her *Go To Place:

As recruitment consultants, (or as we like to say ‘Career Engineers’) a huge part of our job is meeting people over a coffee. So we think that we know a thing or two when it comes to not drinking the black stuff but also where is best to have our discussions.

The place needs to be accessible but discreet, vibrant but calm, atmospheric but professional and, above all, serve great coffee!

The place that we are increasingly calling ‘home’ is BTP, with Worcester our favourite!

Here’s 7 reasons to choose BTP as your GTP:

1. Great Coffee (of course!):
We love their coffee. From a simple Americano to a luxurious skinny, decaf Cappuccino with extra chocolate on top, you can guarantee that it’s always full of the richest flavour and served exactly how you like it – decaf, skinny, extra hot (I have all 3!)

2. Free Coffee (always nice!):
Well this just goes hand in hand with great coffee. Your 10th coffee is free – go large – and you really will keep coming back for more. In no time at all you’ll be sipping on your complimentary coffee courtesy of BTP.

3. Free Wi-Fi (added bonus!):
When we host or attend meetings, Wi-Fi is often a necessity. So when it’s free and speedy this is a real bonus! Save your own megabytes and jump on the BTP wave.

4. Ambience (a must!):
The character and atmosphere of a café is often what makes it so special. At BTP, the relaxed, friendly vibe and authenticity of the place is to us, what makes it so unique. Any one of their cafes is different even when they are in the same city. We love character!

5. Location (it’s all about…!):
From Bath to Exeter and Bristol to Birmingham you can guarantee that you will find a BTP on your doorstop. BTP is never far from the madding crowd or in our case clients and candidates!

6. Right Level of Noise (there is such a thing!):
The right level of noise in a café is important to consider when having a meeting, and BTP have got this spot on. It’s not so quiet that you can hear other peoples chatter but not so noisy that you can’t hear what the other person is saying.

7. The Staff (are the BEST!):
Saving the best for last! The staff at BTP are always friendly, happy to help and best of all they bring the coffee to you – just remember your table number! Personally I always go for No.7!!

Make BTP your own GTP – we hope to see you down there!

*GTP – Go To Place.