Food trends - what's the next big thing?

Anita Atkins -
Food trends - what's the next big thing?

I’m pretty lucky, my job is super fun (most of the time!) and I get to do some pretty cool stuff. A big part of my job is to look at food trends and predict what is going to be popular and what may (or may not) influence what we make in our cafes. So before I even consider a BTP menu item, I look what’s happening out there in the world!

Food in 2014, was all about Americana, pop up restaurants, hybrid puddings (e.g. the Cronut) along with the Paleo and 5:2 diets (which our marketing guy swears by!) amongst many others.

I like to keep my ear to the ground, visiting new cafes, restaurants and bars (it’s a tough gig!) along with reading many different trend analysis from the likes of Morgaine Gaye (I want her job!), and food magazines from all over the place. I also think about what has done well in the market (i.e. pulled pork right now) and what could be the next big thing?

But, being honest, sometimes it’s a hunch and down to a combination of experience and luck!

So for the coming year or so, these are my (and many other respected foodies) predictions!

So, the good news is I’m pretty sure we’ll be good at the ‘brinner’ bit, although we’re not quite ready to put insects on the menu just yet! They are however a truly sustainable source of protein, and the brave folk at Wahaca recently picked up an award from The Sustainable Restaurant Association for adding creepy crawlies to their menu!

My personal favourites are:

  • The shift from the idea of ‘nose to tail’ (e.g. using the whole animal) to this years ‘peel to stem’ (using the whole vegetable)
  • Moving from ‘provenance’ (I know where it came from) to ‘sustainability’ (I know it’s come from a responsible source)

When you explore our menu you will see a whole range of items that have been influenced by these predictions, for example, our new lamb or halloumi pittas (kebabs!), roasted cauliflower cous-cous and the beetroot and goats cheese salad.

Hope you like it…